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Areas of Expertise

Women's Issues

Society and social platforms have complicated the stability of identity and self-esteem. During the different seasons in life, it is important to have a strong, safe and non-judgmental outlet. Here we can identify, strengthen and empower so you can become the best version of yourself.

Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and Depression are known to manifest physically whether it results in lack or excessive sleep, headaches or pains, and our body is urging us to help. Identifying the trigger, which may be past trauma or current adversity, is key, and together we can explore those personal impairments, identify them and learn new coping skills.

Christian Therapy

Humans are composed of three distinctive components, the mind, body and soul (our spirituality). As a Christian, I have found that it is exceedingly important to take care of the soul. The relationship with our Creator is the most fundamental and vital one for any individual to be healthy and strong.


Adoption is an exciting journey with beautifully crafted challenges and benefitting rewards. In therapy, we will explore with the Attachment-Base Therapy and use the "Seven Core Issues in Adoption" to bring insight and awareness that you are not alone, you are doing the best you can and together we can enrich the attachment between you and your child. 

My Approach

As a Christian Therapist, I focus on client’s strengths to help build the skills to enhance your life's journey. I believe we have all been created with the capacity to live a well-balanced and joyful life . I am confident that we were placed on this earth to thrive, empower others and serve our communities. The obstacles that life brings were meant to be overcome and we were created with the tools to subdue and become the best versions of ourselves.

I have extensive experience and passion working with individuals that struggle with depression, anxiety, women's issues, premarital counseling, parent-child issues, adoption, and low self-esteem. My modalities are tailored to the individual needs that best suits you to reach your personal goals.

My therapeutic lens is based on substantial training in Attachment-Based Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Therapy and Gottman Method Techniques. 

Everyone's journey looks different and that is where I come in to help you thrive by assisting you get to your ultimate goal. If you are ready to step in faith and desire to invest in yourself and your relationships, please feel free to reach out and call me for a phone consultation.

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My Approach
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